Commemorative bookmarks


Please allow 72 working hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm) for production and branch delivery.

Online Approval Orders: By placing your order, you approve the bookmark as it appears on the preview tool. Our graphic designers will review your proof to ensure the layout is balanced.

Orders with graphic proof finalized: After receiving your order, our graphic designers will send you a finalized preview of the bookmark by email. After your approval, we will print your items and send them to the store.

Photo retouching: Included in the price. The person's photo will be retouched and cropped on a background that matches the bookmark image. Please make sure that no part of the face, head or neck is missing. Some hidden elements cannot be reconstructed.

Quotes : For a selection of texts in different languages, click here.

For a funeral at MEMORIA: select the name of the deceased from the drop-down list