Death notices - Enhanced slideshow


Our online obituaries can be adapted to suit your creativity. Why not share Grandma's recipe for cream puffs? Or add a few meaningful photos?

Publication of obituary with slideshow on :  

- Publication of basic information (name of deceased and years, dates and places of exhibition and funeral when known)
- A text personalized by the family, with the option of a personalized layout
- A retouched photo or personalized header
- Social media sharing tools
- A link for donations (optional)
- Personalized home ritual, choice of 3 illustrations (if desired)
- Creation of a slide show and insertion in the obituary notice.

    Enhanced slide show included in this notice : 

    - Up to 70 digital photos (maximum 5 sent by different family members)
    - Crop as required, organize photos in chronological order.
    - Standard royalty-free music (if desired)
    - A family proof will be sent to the family manager by private link
    - Recover a copy of the final video file by digital transmission
    - On request: all photos collected are returned to the family in their original format (for archival purposes).
    - Additional photos: $1/photo

      3 working days from receipt of photos.