Death notice - Classique


Our online obituaries can be adapted to suit your creativity. Why not share Grandma's recipe for cream puffs? Or add a few meaningful photos?

Publication of obituary notice on, including:  

- Publication of basic information (name of deceased and years, dates and locations of viewing and funeral when known)
- A personalized text by the family
- A retouched photo
- Social media sharing tools
- A link for donations (optional)
- Personalization of a home ritual, choice of 3 illustrations. (optional)

Rituals at home
Couldn't come up with the tribute you wanted for your departed loved one? We suggest you create a ritual to share at home. From the online obituary notice, you can invite family and friends to join you in paying tribute to your loved one with a symbolic gesture such as lighting a candle, listening to a special song, or mourning from a distance at the same time. Don't hesitate to personalize this invitation, which can easily be shared on social networks.  


Select the name of the deceased from the drop-down list